摺起: 47Wx 39D x 20H cm

展開: 67W x 39D x10H cm

Smart Fabric 親親寵物布

1. Soft Touch and Pet Friendly

1. 柔軟親膚而耐磨,親寵物

2. Easy Clean: the finishing of the fabric is based on nanoparticles, the composition of which is very effective in blocking the penetration of dirt. As a result it is possible to remove most difficult stains, such as ketchup, coffee or even pen stains, without the use of detergents.

2. 易清潔:布料表層經納米分子技術,有效阻止污垢滲入,不需清潔劑亦能有效去污

3. Water Repellent: instead of being immediately absorbed, the water is condensed on the surface of the material. This gives us time to use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently wipe off the spilled liquid.

3. 防潑水:面料有效減慢液體滲透,讓我們有時間以軟布或紙巾去掉梳化上的液體

4. Anti-static: it allows easy animal hair removal while preventing it from penetrating into the fabric.
4. 抗靜電:輕鬆清理寵物留在梳化上的毛髮